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The #1 Hitting and Fielding Baseball Program in Oklahoma City

We train committed players who want serious results.

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⚾️ Ready to take your infield skills to the next level? Explore all aspects of the game with our complete Baseball Infield Mastery Course!

Our Coaching Philosophy and Mission

Moy Style Baseball mentors students to learn the importance of posture on and off the field.

1. Set and Achieve season Goals

We teach players how to have a game plan for their success on and off the field. 

2. Master the Fundamental and Advanced Skills

Through training with game-like drills and repetition, your child will discover how to master all of the technical skills. 

3. Unlock Confidence

Our goal is to help your child overcome insecurities, maintaining strong posture on and off the field.  

Programs We Offer

Explore Our Comprehensive Baseball Development Programs

Group Sessions and individual lessons.

For youth players (9-18) who seek to train 1 on 1 or with a competitive group of Baseball players  (on a weekly/routine schedule) 

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The dates and times will be announced each month. 

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       Team Camps

We offer hitting, fielding, and situational drills for teams and individuals.

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